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Women supporting women with acceptance, love, and shared wisdom under the transformative energy of the Divine Feminine.


“The best part? All of it! The oils, the candles, the readings, the music….the women! Divine Mommy is a loving, inspiring experience held within a beautifully crafted circle.”
Divine Mommy Participant

So often in the world today, our connection to what makes us vital and dynamic creatures can get compromised. As women, we are holding space for new creation all of the time. With all of this going on, in between the daily pull of life, we can forget how Divine we are. We can also forget how much we need each other. Since our early Ancestresses started caregiving and communicating, women have been at the forefront of language, medicine, communication, education, agriculture, and art. We did this by honoring and cultivating our Goddess Given powers of Blood and Birth Magick, Intuition, Instinct, and Intra-Psychic Communication. Today, these natural abilities have been acculturated out of most of our interactions and other, more acceptable cultural mores, have taken their place. Fortunately, we don’t have to pick sides. There is a way to honor all of life and life’s lessons, including our wisdom from the past, present, and future, within the context of our everyday relationships. That loving and respectful embodiment starts here with the Divine Mommy Movement. By embracing the aspects of the Feminine and by embracing egalitarian and peaceful perspectives, we can kick start a much needed, millennia-old healing process, that ancient her-story has proven works. For most of us…as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, or anyone who identifies as female, the needed transformation can first take place within the internal landscape and then be followed by an energy of loving and leading by example. Social Science teaches us that to create lasting change, small, intentional daily choices must be made. Divine Mommy helps you create space for those potent, powerful quotidian choices. Divine Mommy also facilitates a space for connecting to that deep inner Medicine-Woman-Within so that you and your loved ones may live full, functional, and happy lives. At Divine Mommy, there are no rules, only agreements and intentions. I ask that, upon entering this website, and upon any work you should decide to do with me, you permit yourself to release judgment. I also ask that you set your intentions for love and for transformation. We don’t have a map for exactly what will happen, but I can promise that by engaging in this work, you will raise your vibration and your energy will be different. You will feel it. So will the people around you. The fun part is, we get to do it together….In a safe, connective, and empowering way. Take a look through the site. Read about all that I offer. And, get in touch so that you may step fully into the way-showing healer you were always meant to be.

“I love having this weekly time of connecting intentionally for a positive reason.
The women in this group are amazing, loving, and wise.
So am I.”
Divine Mommy Participant

“I am focusing more on me which, in turn, is helping me have more to give to my Family.
By connecting to the higher power within,
I am connecting more deeply to everything else.”
- Divine Mommy Participant

“I have allowed myself to feel alive again…to get in touch with my feelings again…
I am channeling the Divine Feminine into all of my relationships.”
- Divine Mommy Participant

Let’s Heal Together 


Work with Jamie

Let’s work together!

  • As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Drama Therapist, I am currently accepting private clients. Go to www.divinefamilies.com for more information.

  • Perhaps the Divine Mommy curriculum is of interest to you. Wonderful! There is so much to choose from and focus on for an interactive and transformational experience.

  • Maybe you are interested in an Esoteric Healing Treatment. This gentle and elegant energetic healing modality is great for everyone!

Click on the ‘OFFERINGS’ tab to learn more about these unique and supportive options.


Soul To Sisterhood

Human Beings are meaning-making creatures. We make sense of this human experience by telling and sharing our stories. The Divine Mommy ‘Soul To Sisterhood’ book focuses on that very human superpower and tells the empowering, courageous, and connective stories of everyday Women. Women just like you. Women just like me, triumphing over extraordinary things with transparent bravery and dedication. If that sounds familiar, it is because you, my dear, do the very same thing!

Check the website: www.soul-to-sisterhood.com for more information.


Create Your Own Group

Have you been feeling the call of the Goddess to start your own empowering Groups? Yay! You are in the right place! I have over a decade of experience leading and facilitating Groups from 2-200 participants!

There are several ways we can work together to get you started:
-Host a Divine Mommy Workshop or Retreat for your Sister Goddess Tribe
-Schedule a FUN Team-Building Event for your Business
-Have a Crystal Mala Making Night
-Offer an interactive Divine Families or Divine Couple Workshop for your Community

The possibilities are endless!

Click on the “OFFERINGS” tab for more creative ideas on how we can work some magic together.


“I love the group conversations. They are always different and always exactly what I need.”
- Divine Mommy Participant

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 “Amazing, Mind-Blowing, Awakening, Loving, Safe!
Divine Mommy is a loving and secure space to grow and share.”
- Divine Mommy Participant

Worth a Thousand Words…

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“I don’t dismiss my intuition or my self-love anymore.”
Divine Mommy Participant

When someone asks me, “So what is Divine Mommy?” it isn’t a simple or a quick answer.
If we were together, right now, we could have a conversation about it and the answer would organically become what both of us needed it to be…..
Until that time, the short answer is:
Divine Mommy is a Movement that Intentionally Connects Women to our Inner Powers through Interdependence, the Divine Feminine, and Dedicated Support.
Divine Mommy is fun, experiential, educational, meaningful, relaxing, energizing, dynamic, magickal, healing, transformative, and empowering….(If I do say so myself…and you can experience Divine Mommy in your own way…..
-Schedule a One-on-One or Small Group Session for Independent Study
-Participate in a Divine Mommy Group
-Come to a Divine Couple or a Divine Family Workshop
-Host a Divine Mommy Event, Group or Workshop for your Community
-Purchase some Handmade Crystal Jewelry
Or, just look at all of these gorgeous pictures and get your own feel about Divine Mommy.
You don’t have to read a word if you don’t want to or you don’t have time…
Seriously, Divine Mommy is about meeting YOU where YOU are with NO JUDGMENT!

“In Divine Mommy, I can let go of things that no longer serve me without judgment.”
- Divine Mommy Participant