We Really Need Each Other

Coming together in groups is essential for our modern-day survival. When we circle in our Sacred Space, we intentionally create energy for transformation. Sometimes all we need is a hug. Sometimes we need to speak our truth. Sometimes we just need to feel the closeness of human connection. No matter what our reasons, when we honor our needs for closeness and connection, we live longer, we feel better and life is more joyful. As a therapist, and as a group facilitator, I know how powerful a group setting can be for support, strength, and personal growth.

Since I am dedicating the rest of 2019 and early 2020 to creating and producing the content for the “Soul-to-Sisterhood,” book, I am not currently scheduling any continual Divine Mommy University Groups, Divine Mommy Part 1 and Part 2 Groups, Divine Couple Workshops, or Divine Family Workshops.
But, you can!
I would be honored to facilitate groups and workshops for you and your business or organization.
Additionally, all of the Divine Mommy, Divine Couple and Divine Family material is available for Independent Study on an individual or small group basis.
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All Groups, Workshops, One-on-One Sessions, and Small Group Work can be tailored to fit most timing and budgetary needs.

“Holding hands in a circle, connecting heart to heart and soul to soul…
I felt seen for the first time.”
- Divine Mommy Participant

Divine Couple

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“I feel more comfortable with my body, more full inside and more relaxed with my partner.”
Divine Couple Participant

As human beings, we are hard-wired for relationships. We need togetherness just like we need oxygen. Yet, intimacy, the big I word, has a heavy connotation for most of us. And, thinking about authentic, emotional intimacy with our selves can seem downright impossible. But, how can we give what we don't have? Maybe we should even go deeper and ask, how can we receive when we don’t really even know what we want….These are hard questions to ponder, especially when we live in a world that values independence and personal success over relatability and connection. If any of this has you thinking about your own relationships, reach out for some Divine Couples work. Sometimes just a new sense of community and connection can help. Other times, getting to the core of why we push away those we hold most dear can be a welcome release. This kind of work doesn’t have to be hard or painful. I say, let’s explore together in creative ways that are fun, interactive, and joyful. Contact Jamie today to begin the excavation process. The love of self, the love of each other, and the broader ever-reaching love of the Universe are yours for the taking. If you are interested in attending or hosting a Divine Couple Workshop, please contact Jamie. Workshops typically can be facilitated in 90 minute, half-day, and full-day increments. However, all Groups, Topics, and Workshops can be tailored to fit any time and monetary budget.

“The level of open, honest engagement exceeded my expectations. After this workshop, I feel more comfortable with the idea of asking for help.”
- Divine Couple Participant

Divine Family


“This was really fun. I laughed with my mom and my dad. It is cool when that happens.”
- Divine Family Participant

Join together with other families to have an inspirational time of fun and connection. Utilizing the tools of drama and improvisation, these workshops build connectivity, increase brain plasticity, reduce emotionality, improve listening skills, and increase social awareness. Sometimes family life can be a bit tough to balance with all of our other obligations. Parents and kids alike can feel stress. Coming together with Fun Family Drama can remind us how to stay in the present moment and help us to remember the importance of family relationships. Please contact Jamie if you are interested in attending or hosting a Divine Family Workshop. Workshops typically can be facilitated in 90 minute, half-day, and full-day increments. However, all Groups, Topics, and Workshops can be tailored to fit any time and monetary budget

“After attending a Divine Families Workshop, communication has shifted and joy has increased. Yippee!”
- Divine Family Participant

-Coming Soon-
”Soul to Sisterhood”


Soul to Sisterhood

“Soul To Sisterhood,” Divine Mommy’s first book, is a Divinely Feminine healing device for women to use and share in all aspects of their lives. Filled with beautiful stories of amazing women triumphing over extraordinary things, this book holds a mirror for all readers to identify and embody their incredible capacities of strength, wisdom, compassion, and dedication.

The intended date for publication is early 2020. However, the website: www.soul-to-sisterhood.com, is up and running and filled with fun pictures, inspirational material, captivating interviews, and much more. Take a look and get a feeling for the amazing women you will meet.

For more information, you can check out Divine Mommy and Soul-to-Sisterhood on Social Media.

Great Pics…Great People…

“I realize that I don’t have to be ashamed of my emotions. I don’t need to rationalize.”
- Divine Couple Participant