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Women supporting women with acceptance, love, and shared wisdom under the transformative energy of the Divine Feminine.


and Healing 


Work with Jamie

Let’s work together!

  • As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Drama Therapist, I am currently accepting private clients.

  • Perhaps the Divine Mommy curriculum is of interest to you. Wonderful! There is so much to choose from and focus on for an interactive and transformational experience.

  • Maybe you are interested in a Esoteric Healing Treatment. This gentle and elegant energetic healing modality is great for everyone!

Check under the ‘OFFERINGS’ tab above to learn more about these unique and supportive options.

Or, E-mail me for more information. jamie@divine-mommy.com


Soul To Sisterhood

Human Beings are meaning making creatures. We make sense of this human experience by telling and sharing our stories. The ‘Soul To Sisterhood,’ book focuses on that very human super power and tells the empowering, courageous, and connective stories of everyday Women…Women just like you…Women just like me…triumphing over extraordinary things everyday with transparent bravery and dedication. If that sounds familiar, it is because, you, my dear, do the very same thing! Check the (soon to be live- thanks for your patience) website: www.soul-to-sisterhood.com for more information. Or, email me at: jamie@divine-mommy.com


Create Your Own Group

Have you been feeling the call of the Goddess to start your own empowering Groups? Yay! You are in the right place! I have over a decade of experience leading and facilitating Groups from 2-200 participants!

There are several ways we can work together to get you started:
*Host a Divine Mommy Workshop or Retreat for your Sister Goddess Tribe
*Schedule a FUN Team-Building Event for your Business
*Have a Crystal Male Making Night

The possibilities are endless!

Check under the “OFFERINGS” tab above for more creative ideas on how we can work some magic together.

E-mail me for more information. jamie@divine-mommy.com


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