Sometimes the best way to get to know something or someone is to talk to people with experience. There are testimonials all over this site and I chose to do that for a very specific reason. I want you to be able to make your own opinions about Divine Mommy based on the pictures and first-hand accounts from those who have participated and been affected by the work.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements about Divine Mommy, Divine Couple and Divine Family Groups happening in the future.

If you need anything, or if you are interested in working one-on-one, or a small group setting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“The one thing that has changed for me since Divine Mommy is that I feel better able to communicate to my family, friends and spouse what is going on with me- all that is good, bad, or on my mind- in a more positive way.”
Divine Mommy Participant

“Divine Mommy is such wonderful food for the heart, mind and soul. I am confirmed that I am DIVINE. I have permission to step into my POWER! My thoughts are galvanized. My path is clear.”
-Divine Mommy Participant


“I freaking love Divine Mommy. Such inspiration. Such wisdom. Such love. Such pleasure. Such Sisterhood!”
-Divine Mommy Participant

“Can Divine Mommy go on forever? I feel so much better when I am with my Sisters.”
-Divine Mommy Participant


“Jamie is a caring and wonderful individual who has helped me tremendously when I needed it most. I am happier and I’ve learned it is ok to be who I am.”
-Divine Mommy Participant


“I feel recharged, refueled, loved and worthy! Thank you, Jamie!”
-Divine Mommy Participant