Divine Mommy

The one thing that has changed for me since Divine Mommy is that I feel better able to communicate to my family, friends and spouse what is going on with me- all that is good, bad, or on my mind- in a more positive way.
— DM Part 1 Participant
Divine Mommy was an incredible unfolding of soft exploration, love and connection. I’m so appreciative of this work!
— DM Part 1 Participant
Divine Mommy was just amazing. The care put into each week. The readings. The meditations. The fun games. Everything fostered such a sense of connectivity that is so lost in normal life. It was a joy to attend and realize the importance of True Feminine Support.
— DM Part 1 Participant
Jamie is a caring and wonderful individual who has helped me tremendously when I needed it most. I am happier and I’ve learned it is ok to be who I am.
— DM Part 1 Participant

Contact Jamie for more information. jamie@divine-mommy.com

This Group was great. Well organized and superbly put together. And, I found time for myself and felt great about it with no guilt.
— DM part 2 Participant
I absolutely LOVED this group. I mediate more now and feel more empowered and more connected to other women.
— DM Part 2 Participant

Contact Jamie for more information. jamie@divine-mommy.com