Divine Mommy Part 1 and Part 2


Raising Our Vibe….

Raising Our Tribe…

 In Divine Mommy Part 1 and 2, there are twelve topics of study to play with. As I created these groups several years ago, I did so with the intention to delve deeply into our experiences as women in today’s world. We juggle so much and, I don’t know about you, but getting together to drink chardonnay and complain about our husband’s not sharing the workload, only made me feel worse. I knew I needed what Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins refer to in their book, “The Feminine Face of God,” as ‘Feminist Spirituality.’ I needed a place to come together with other women, a place where I felt safe to be vulnerable and authentic, to explore what I was feeling and why. I also knew that the traditional spiritual experience wasn’t going to cut it, either. I needed a container that valued my femininity, my her-story, and my abilities to look inward and guide my own healing transformation.

Together, with the Divine Mommy work, I have felt it myself and have witnessed this happen for countless Sister Goddesses. With meditation, journaling, some basic yoga poses, rich discussions, and sharing, we truly can come together and support one another with wisdom, love, and acceptance.

We can work in-person, remotely, or, over the phone. If you prefer to work alone, that is fine. Or if you have a small group of Sisters or a partner that you would like to share the work with, that is wonderful too. This work is powerful and can be extremely beneficial when shared.

Part 1 dovetails into Part 2 however, they are not necessarily cumulative. If a particular week, or weeks, calls to you get in touch and let’s create your journey together.

Divine Mommy Part 1 and 2 Curriculum:

  • Week 1- Social and Cultural Pressures: What’s it really like being a woman today?

  • Week 2- Self Judgment: How did it get there and where it can go?

  • Week 3 Self-Love: A closer examination of how to get there.

  • Week 4 -Interdependence and Interconnection: Honoring the Divine Feminine.

  • Week 5- Reconnecting to our Hopes and Dreams: What if you only had one year left?

  • Week 6- Our Connection to a Higher Power: Aligning and attuning to our Soul’s Purpose

  • Week 7- Who Am I: A Gentle exploration of who you are at your very core.

  • Week 8- Forgiveness of Self and Others: Experiencing “The Gift of Forgiveness”.

  • Week 9- Karma and Self-Love: Our ability to love ourselves can break the chains of Karma.

  • Week 10- Relationships and our Feelings: Honoring the Information

  • Week 11- Social Change: How do our hopes and dreams inform our desire for social change?

  • Week 12- Intuition as our Higher Power: The Power of Prayer

With a process that includes passages from books and spiritual texts, inspirational quotes, fun ‘getting-to-know-you’ activities, and meaningful rituals, this work is filled with the emotional resonance, pleasure, stillness and open-heartedness that so many of us crave. In the roller-coaster existence of daily life, step off of the perpetual ‘to-do’ list and let go of chronic exhaustion. You deserve this. Your soul is crying out for this. Some participants say the most important part is the Sisterhood, some say it is the perspective, some say it’s the meditations…It is all-important…You are important! Remember, every time we raise our vibration, we heal the world within us and around us.

When women intentionally come together to release and heal, in any number or, in any way, the power for transformation is palpable. To feel the comfort of knowing that you can express yourself, without fear of judgment, in a supportive environment, is nothing less than miraculous.