Healing Together

“Divine Mommy is an incredible unfolding of self-exploration, love, and connection. BRILLIANT! I am so appreciative of this work!”
- Divine Mommy Participant

Welcome! I am ecstatic to share and experience the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine with you. If learning more about how to heal within so that you may become a Way Shower of Peace and Love is of interest to you, let’s get started! There is so much inspiring and amazing material that we can dance with and dive into as part of this unique and individual process.

When running my Groups, I always say that they are like producing a 90-minute One Woman Show that I ask the audience to participate in. Our one-on-one work together will be no different, only perhaps more focused on your individual experience as I apply my dedicated approach of research, readings, exercises, meditations, imagery, art, music, drama, and ritual to every topic. 

·     You will have fun. 

·     You will be informed. 

·     You will be transformed.  

“Divine Mommy is just amazing! The care Jamie puts into each session, reading, meditation, activity…everything fosters a wonderful sense of connectivity so lost in normal life.”
-Divine Mommy Participant

-Work with Jamie-


Divine Mommy University

The Divine Mommy University Curriculum offers a Radiant Opportunity to step into that Inner Wild Woman with a Full Embodiment of and Respect for the Divine Feminine Within so that we may Honor and Heal:

·     The Divine Masculine

·     Our Bloodlines- Past, Present, and Future

·     Our World

Together, let’s Turn On and Tune In to that Wise and Empowered Oracular Priestess.

Click below for more information and to see a full Curriculum Syllabus.

“Divine Mommy University was my sanctuary. A place to go within, to refill my cup, to empower my heart. My wounds were healed and my strengths were solidified.”
- Divine Mommy Participant


Divine Mommy Part 1 & Part 2

The Divine Mommy Part 1 and Part 2 Curriculum deeply explores our intimate relationships to: 

·     The Earth

·     The Society We Live In

·     Our Families of Origin

·     Our Partners

·     Our Children 

·     And Most Important, Our Relationship to Ourselves

Click below to find out more information and to see the available topics of study.

“The topics covered have inspired greater introspection into the choices I have made and have allowed me more self-love, compassion, and understanding.”
- Divine Mommy Participant


Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing is an elegant, yet powerful, form of Energetic Medicine. Working with the Energy Centers of the body, this modality balances and aligns your physiology and psychology with the pure spiritual energy from Source and Center.

Some benefits can include:

  • Relaxation

  • Increased Energy

  • Improved Intimacy

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved General Health

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“The Esoteric Healing allows me to align my chakras and clear anything that is out of balance. I feel both the physical sensations and the spiritual elevation when receiving or facilitating a treatment.”
- Divine Mommy Participant


Create Your Own Group

There are so many fun and creative ways that we can work together! I love collaborating and I love connecting. Maybe you want to do something special for your business or organization. Perhaps you would like to offer a meaningful event for your friends and loved ones. Don’t feel like you have to pick just one.

If you are interested in working together, you can:

  • Host a Divine Mommy Event or Workshop

  • Invite Jamie to Facilitate your Sacred Ceremony

  • Schedule Some Fun Bonding Time for Your Business or Organization

  • Offer a Divine Family or Divine Couple Workshop

  • Host a Crystal Jewelry Making Night

  • Purchase Your Own Unique Handmade Crystal Prayer Jewelry

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“After attending a Divine Mommy Event,
I have a greater sense of myself as a powerful person…
A person entirely powerful enough to create the needed change in my life.”
-Divine Mommy Participant

Magick Happens when

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Being able to share my feelings and struggles as well as my joys and triumphs in a safe environment is priceless!
Divine Mommy is Priceless. Jamie is Priceless!”
- Divine Mommy Participant