So, How did you get the idea for Divine Mommy?

In the spring of 2015, I was slurping down Dr. Bach’s rescue remedy like it was my job. A few sprays the directions say? Not for this girl, I was chugging it. That year alone, while attempting to ‘feel better’ (whatever that means) I had self diagnosed a candida overgrowth and parasites, turned vegan, taken enough herbs to float a small country, and rubbed essential oils over every part of my body. Then, as if on cue, I turned 40. Honestly the birthday didn’t bother me so much, but feeling like total crapola did. So, I got quiet. Really quiet. Like silent retreat, being totally alone, not seeing anyone but the cat kind of quiet…and, I realized that I was an absolute jerk to myself- A jerk of monumental proportions. Not only had that inner voice become toxic, I had stopped believing in myself. I had given up- on me- and, I didn’t even know!

Well, I let that last about a millisecond. In the midst of all those realizations, I thought, ‘other women have be feeling this way too.’ I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about ‘fixing’ the problem. However, I did have a hunch (that I trusted! Thank Goddess!) and, I knew that I had to get women together in a room to support and love each other. I just felt that, if given the opportunity, we could explore this powerful relationship- the one we have with ourselves- in a way that bonded us tightly together. I also felt that if we could cry, laugh, share, explore and openly intuit in a space of acceptance and non-judgment, we could learn to fully love and trust ourselves again.

All of these gentle kicks in the booty from the universe led me to create the Divine Mommy group. Divine Mommy is a group set up in two six-week sessions that meets once a week for 90 minutes. Each week, we explore different aspects of our relationship to ourselves and to others. The groups are ceremonious and include meditation, journaling, expressive arts exercises, circle sharing, ritual, and channeling of the divine feminine.

As I have been doing this work for almost two years and studying in depth about female power and the goddess within, I can tell you that there is nowhere where I feel more alive and connected than when in these groups. Am I proficient at being nice to myself all the time? Nope. But, I am more aware and I am becoming more able to stop, reset, and take a moment to reassess. And, I know that I can’t do it alone. Since starting Divine Mommy, I can unabashedly say that the only way I can go on this journey is with and witnessed by a circle of kickass ladies who are ready -just like me- to make some serious shifts.

So, if you are a woman and you want to-

  • Reconnect to your feminine power

  • Explore your Sensuality and Pleasure

  • Step into your Inner Goddess

  • Honor the aspects of the Divine Feminine within

  • Find your tribe of kickass Wonder Women

  • Let go of old patterns that no longer serve you

  • Laugh your butt off smile with wonder at how amazing you are

  • And, have an excuse to focus on your beautiful-assed deserving self …


Call me.

Email me.

Send a smoke signal.

Anything to reach out and connect.

Sign up for Divine Mommy.

Come to a Divine Badass event.

It is time. I need you. You need me. We need each other!


So, What do we do in Divine Mommy?

Each week, we focus on a different aspect of our lives as women and really seek to raise the vibrational energy. What is vibrational energy? Well, our emotions and thoughts have an energetic footprint. Anger is lower than joy, sadness is lower than acceptance, and frustration is lower than bliss. As you can imagine, when we are chronically feeling any of these states from being overworked, undernourished, exhausted or overwhelmed, our energy is depleted. We know when it happens and we can also identify the fallout- a fight with our partners, less patience with our kiddos, a compromised sense of self-worth…the list could go on and on….However, we can shift these patterns, shift the energy, and raise our vibration to allow in more joy.

In the Divine Mommy weekly group, we do just that. With meditation, journaling, some basic yoga poses, rich discussions, and sharing, we can come together as women to support each other with love, compassion and acceptance. And, when women come together, the power for transformation is palpable. To feel the comfort of knowing that you can express yourself without fear of judgment in a supportive environment is nothing less than miraculous.

Here is our week-by-week schedule:

Part 1

  • Week 1- Social and Cultural Pressures: What’s it really like being a woman today?

  • Week 2- Self Judgment: How did it get there and where it can go?

  • Week 3 Self-Love: A closer examination of how to get there.

  • Week 4 -Interdependence and Interconnection: Honoring the Divine Feminine.

  • Week 5- Reconnecting to our Hopes and Dreams: What if you only had one year left?

  • Week 6- Our Connection to a Higher Power: Aligning and attuning to our soul

Part 2

  • Week 7- Who Am I: A Gentle exploration of who you are at your very core.

  • Week 8- Forgiveness of Self and Others: Experiencing the Gift of Forgiveness.

  • Week 9- Karma and Self-Love: Our ability to love ourselves can break the chains of karma.

  • Week 10- Relationships and our Feelings: Honoring the information

  • Week 11- Social Change: How do our hopes and dreams inform our desire for social change?

  • Week 12- Intuition as our Higher Power: Prayer is telephoning God, intuition is God telephoning back

I have created a process for us that includes passages from books and spiritual texts, inspirational quotes, fun ‘get-to-know-you’ activities, and meaningful rituals. Some participants say the most important part is the sisterhood, some say it is the perspective, some say it’s the meditations….It is all important in my book, but take whatever works and run with it. This group is tailored for everyone and even if you miss a week, no worries. I’ve got you covered with handouts, emails, and a group meditation each week that connects to every member on the soul plane to vibe you into the work.


What if I want to take Divine Mommy over?

Once a Divine Mommy, always a Divine Mommy. Seriously. If you have already taken Part 1, anytime Part 1 is offered, you are welcome to join as much or as little as you want for not cost. Same thing goes for the other three parts.


What happens after Divine Mommy Part 2?

Check out Divine Mommy University - the 36-week intensive, Female Shamanism and Shakti Fire.


How do I connect to other Divine Mommys?

We have a private Facebook group for all Divine Mommys that will have weekly quotes, information, and connection. Every Divine Mommy that has taken a group is part of this online community.