Divine Mommy University



 Divine Mommy University is an offering of support as you connect deeply into the wise, empowered, healing and transformative energy of the Divine Feminine within. Each of us- man, woman and child- has the blueprint for this Inner-Goddess-Energy to come forward and lead with peace, love, dedication, connection and spiritual maturity.  Our world needs this now and, our world needs you. By creating sacred space to open and honor our feminine magick, a magick that is ours by birthright, we can fully step into our purpose of embodying the Feminine to such a degree that we lift up and invite the energies of the Masculine to join us. It is my hope that together, as more and more of us continue to heal and shift, we can raise our collective vibration enough to heal the family system, and by that, I mean our entire Earth Family System of every living thing.

There are 35 different topics of study. Some are cumulative, some are not. Some topics work best when studied together. I have tried to organize the information below to reflect this, however if any part of the DMU curriculum calls to you, get in touch. I know we can create the exact right ‘syllabus.’.

For our work, we can work in-person, remotely, or, over the phone. If you prefer to work alone, that is fine, or if you have a small group of Sisters, or a partner that you would like to share the work with, that is wonderful too as much of this material will create opportunities for shifts in your intimate relationships.

With a process that includes passages from books and spiritual texts, inspirational quotes, fun ‘getting-to-know-you’ activities, and meaningful rituals, this work is filled with the emotional resonance, pleasure, stillness and open heartedness that so many of us crave. In the roller coaster existence of daily life, step off of the perpetual ‘to-do’ list and let go of chronic exhaustion. You deserve this. You soul is crying out for this. Some participants say the most important part is the Sisterhood, some say it is the perspective, some say it’s the meditations…It is all important…You are important!

I know that when women intentionally come together to release and heal, in any number or, in any way, the power for transformation is palpable and to feel the comfort of knowing that you can express yourself, without fear of judgment, in a supportive environment, is nothing less than miraculous. 

Take a look at what Divine Mommy University has to offer.
Let your intuition be your guide. I know how powerful this work is and I am honored to share this journey with you.

Remember…every time we raise our vibration, we heal the world within us and around us.

Divine Mommy University Curriculum:


~The Maternal Gift Economy

“When we create a society in which gift giving has become the human norm, our spirituality will be liberated and we will recognize the Goddess in each other and the Earth.”- Genevieve Vaughan

The Maternal Gift Economy teaches us that the most basic, most meaningful relationships are based upon giving. When this occurs, in lieu of an ‘exchange,’ economy, the potential for bonding to occur between the Giver and Receiver becomes priority.



~THE GODDESS WITHIN: The Language of the Goddess

"It of course makes sense that the earliest depiction of the divine power in human form should have been female rather than male.”
-Riane Eisler, The Chalice and The Blade

If knowledge is power, wisdom is empowerment. So many collective woundings to the feminine are the responsibility of inaccurately understood, or deliberately hidden, historical implications of Matriarchal, Goddess Based societies from the Paleolithic and Neolithic. Oftentimes completely ignored, this crucial swath of human history is a well-spring of female empowerment. When we know where we come from and we know what to look for, our abilities to open up to the ever-present energies of the Divine Feminine exponentially grow. Study the work of Vicki Noble, Marija Gimbutas and Riane Eisler, as we delve into her-story together.

“According to myriad images that have survived from the great span of human prehistory on the Eurasian continents, it was the sovereign mystery and creative power of the female as the source of life that developed into the earliest religious experiences.”
-Marija Gimbutas, The Civilization of the Goddess


"Who told you the stories that taught what it meant to be human, and did they have your best interests at heart?"

-Mark Gonzales

So much healing is available to us and channeling in the guidance from our Great Mother Goddess is a powerful way to start! With wisdom from Isis, Pachamama, Tiamat, and Odudua, travel deeply into the intuitive space of your inner Medicine Woman. With Essential Oils, Crystals and the Four Archetypes of the Feminine, create an energy treatment that will support and protect your tribe. There is much to experience with this practical and it may take several sessions to work through the material.






“We only have to go back a century or two to find evidence of the crucial relationship between the cycles of the moon and their influence over almost all aspects of life. In pre-patriarchal times many religions had female deities who in various ways represented and described the relationship of women to the moon, thus allowing women a sense of divinity of their bodily processes. The moon also has a sense of luminous beauty that pulls us into different state of awareness. Whereas the sun lights the way for work and the round of daily life, the moon lights a different aspect of the human experience: the inner life, the imagination, the watery diffuse realms of the unconscious.”
-Lara Owen, Her Blood is Gold

Our bodies, psyches, cycles, minds, emotions and psychic abilities are all inexorably and intricately linked to our phenomenally beautiful, reliable, and steadfast Mother Moon. As she cycles through her monthly Lunar Cycle of Dark Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon, we too experience the dynamically cyclical energies. These energies all correlate to our Menstrual Experience, our Physical Age, the Seasons, our Connection to the Goddess, and the Archetypal Energies of Womanhood: Crone, Maiden, Mother and Enchantress. Knowing how interconnected the human female is with the natural world is a huge benefit for daily life as well as an intimate opportunity to get to know yourself better. Learning about and incorporating this Lunar Wisdom is best done in multiple sessions and in Lunar Order:

  • Dark Moon-Crone

  • Waxing Moon-Maiden

  • Full Moon-Mother

  • Waning Moon-Enchantress

    “For many, many women, the connection between the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle is an experiential truth:  Our hormonal, emotional, creative, active and spiritual selves, and of course our powerful and necessary bleeding times, correlate firmly every month with what we see of the Moon’s waxing and waning light.” 
    -Miranda Gray, Red Moon


“Imagine you live in a world where there is no embarrassment about having your first period, one in which you feel you are entering into an exciting world of adulthood and are given every encouragement to develop all your potential strength and wisdom, in ways that feel natural to you as a woman.”
Lara Owen, Her Blood is Gold

Reclaim this precious gift of womanhood within the safe context of the Sacred Feminine. For so many of us, the start of our menstruation was not celebrated. Yet, this special event marks the beginning of our bodies being able to create and sustain life, as well bringing on the much needed psychic abilities of divining in prophecy for our people. Re-honor the girl you were with the wisdom and love you have today in this Sacred Ceremony of Menarche.




“When women started to bleed, they left their homes and families to go to the sacred introspective space of the Bleeding Lodge. The Lodge was honored and respected by the entire community, for the dreams and visions of the bleeding women brought vital survival information such as planting and healing knowledge and guidance on community relations.”
-Spider, Songs of Bleeding


“Female Shamanism is based in the blood cycle. Western women have forgotten the spiritual significance of the menstrual cycle and need to reconnect in order to empower ourselves. The blood mysteries of birthing and menstruation are at the core of Shamanism.”
Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman


This is YOUR time. It is YOUR journey. It is better to be in control of it as much as possible, to feel that it is your right to explore yourself and your feelings. Gift yourself this time of understanding and make it the best it can be for YOU.”
-Collette Brown, Menopause-A Natural and Spiritual Journey




To understand a God in terms of the Goddess, one must look to the great wheel of natural balance. If Goddess is all things, then so too must be the masculine deity, but he must be so in relation and equality to her, supporting her in the most ultimate of yin-yang styles.
-Starhawk, The Spiral Dance


When a woman begins to be aware of the divine spark within, she will soon be faced with a decision whether to honor and trust it….She is so accustomed to looking outside herself for authority that the realization of God(dess) within is radical and shattering. It changes everything.” 
-Wendlyn Alter, The Yang Heart of Yin


The intelligence of the body is positively miraculous. Equated and identified with the body, women are specially blessed in Shamanic work. A woman shaman, like a spider spinning, must learn to lead from the womb.”
-Vicki Noble,Shakti Woman



“Wild Woman is the health of all women. Without her, women’s psychology makes no sense. This wild-woman is the prototypical woman…no matter what culture, no matter what era, no matter what politic, she does not change. Her cycles change, her symbolic representations change, but in essence, she does not change. She is what she is and she is whole.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves


“In the ancient world, dreaming was sacred, providing an opportunity to touch the spirit world and obtain advice, direction and healing. Throughout history dreams have been seen as avenues to the spirit world and ways of getting Divine Guidance or sanction for certain actions. Clearly, if it were possible, all women would take a break from the normal routines to do our sacred dreaming.”
Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman


I know that when the kudalini moves in me, she is sacred and not dangerous; she is alive and so am I. My sexuality, my healing prowess, and my abundant energies are all part of the same gift of the Goddess in my sacred body. The body is more than a sensual receptor, more than a physical vehicle, it is an instrument of superconscious awareness with a direct line to the soul.
-Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman



“Together, with the empowerment of the Sacred Feminine, let us reaffirm what is needed from the Sacred Masculine, as well as to offer guidance to broaden the views of the potential for a, ‘Healed Masculine,’ energy to abound. This profound concept is an ‘energy’ rather than a gender. It is not about having answers. It is about allowing a curiosity that will lead towards self-discovery. We all have Masculine and Feminine attributes and tendencies to honor and express. The wisdom and possibilities for healing, to be felt internally and on the Macro scale, are endless when we think about a balanced expression of accepted inner-knowing that transcends the ‘bodies’ we were born into.”
Karen Kiester and Keith Johnson, Sacred Masculine: Contemplation Tools for your Journey



“The experience of one’s own divinity is not an intellectual occurrence. It is not something someone else can give you. It is a bodily experience that- for a woman- is activated when she is turned on. Turn-on happens when she takes her own pleasure, an experience that women have been taught to avoid for the last 5,000 years, and makes it her priority above all else.”
-Regena Thomashauer, Pussy: A Reclamation

~SACRED SEXUALITY #3-Forgiveness and Bliss Embodiment
~SACRED SEXUALITY #4-Womb Cleansing and Igniting Passion

“Sacred Sexuality is about love- not merely the positive feeling between intimates- but an overwhelming reverence for all embodied life on whatever level of existence.”
-Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., Sacred Sexuality, The Erotic Spirit in the World’s Great Religions

“The most important factor in your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being is your connection between your own sexual energy and your spiritual nature. Many of you have suffered from a disconnection from your sexual energy, the true source of your power, and we ask you, with all our collective hearts, that you begin the journey back home to love, sex, and healthy power beyond your imagination.”
-Ananda through Tina Louise Spalding, Making Love to God: The Path to Divine Sex



 “The wounding of the Feminine Archetype and how it has affected us on a personal and cultural level is one of the most urgent and important psychological challenges facing women today.” 

-Massimilla Harris Ph.D. and Bud Harris, Ph.D., Into the Heart of the Feminine

~A NEUROBIOLOGICAL Understanding and Esoteric Healing Practical for Conception & In Utero

“The child within you wants to find a home.”-Angelika Werkstetter

We don’t need to chase our Shadow. It is always right there….right beside us. We need to turn and embrace it with love and awareness. “- Angelika Werkstetter

~MATURE MASCULINE #3-Healing and Embodying the Actualized Masculine Energy

“We need to take very seriously the disappearance of ritual process for initiating boys into manhood. In traditional societies there are standard definitions of what we call Boy Psychology and Man Psychology. There are carefully constructed rituals for helping the boys of the tribe make the transition to manhood. By disconnecting from ritual, we have done away with the processes by both women and men achieved their gender identity in a deep, mature, and life-enhancing way.”
Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, King, Lover, Magician, Lover

“That which used to be more or less unconsciously shared by everyone- like the process of developing a mature masculine identity- we now must connect with consciously and individually.
-Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, King, Lover, Magician, Lover



~SACRED CONCEPTS #1-Chakras, Psychosocial Development, Sacred Sexuality:
Activating the Inner Blueprint to be of Service to world

~SACRED CONCEPTS #2- Chakras, Psychosocial Development, Sacred Sexuality:
Activating The Inner Blueprint to be of Service to world

When we open up, let go and trust that things are safe and we feel confident, it affects our sexual selves. When we release shame, or even better, never gathered it, it affects the depths of our sexual interactions. When we trust our gut instincts, it affects how we interact sexually with others. When we can expand our hearts and feel vulnerable and raw, it affects the sanctity and cleanliness of our love for others. When we learn to speak, or sing, our truths, our sexual interactions have even more integrity. When we see our partners, not just what they represent to us, we begin to make love to them, not an ideal. When we meet gently, after doing this work, we can come together wide open and into the light.”
-Christine Laplante, LMHC, Sacred Not Secret

~THE WOMEN OF THE WELLS- Re-storying the Myth of Womanhood

The Call comes when we break or, are ready to break. Some of us may hear the Call sooner, others later. But whenever it happens, wherever it transpires that we find ourselves on an edge, out of our element, out of our skin, there is something in us who still hears, no matter how deeply buried.”
-Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted



“In the old times, our elders say, the trees talked to each other. They’d stand in their own council and craft a plan.”
-Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass


“One form of liberated sexuality available to women today is represented by the Dakini in Tibet. The Dakini is an icon of liberated energy, spiritual freedom, and the untamed spirit of nature. She is the feminine in a much larger sense than any archetypes carried by Western Culture for at least the last 2,000 years.
-Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman