Divorce can disrupt the entire family. Transitions into what the new nuclear family looks like can be extremely hard on everyone. High tension levels and hurt feelings can wreak havoc on the most stable of family systems. And, all too often the children get caught in the fray. However, there is a way to come together and let your children see you relate to your ex-spouse in a respectful and connective manner. With careful attention and intention, space can be created for your family to experience relaxed and joyful interactions. Utilizing different expressive arts therapy games and exercises, parents and kids can learn to reconnect in a new way that honors the current family structure. New Groups coming soon. Check in the ‘Events’ tab for more details.


Being a kid is hard! And, so much of what the world expects of teens today is a contradiction in terms. It can seem impossible to know where it is safe to truly express yourself. Come together and let’s create sacred space to explore the pressures and vulnerabilities of being a teen while learning strategies for increased self-esteem, better self-awareness, lowered stress levels, higher capacities for empathy and compassion, and calmer emotional systems. New Groups Coming Soon. Check out the ‘Events’ section for more details.