The Fall Equinox - A Great Rebalancing of Energies

fall equinox.jpg

Ladies, welcome to MABON, otherwise known as the Fall Equinox or the Autumnal Equinox. It begins September 21 and will come to a close for us on September 29. Some of you may already be familiar with this time through other rituals and religious teachings that symbolize the ending date of the equinox with the celebration of Michaelmas, also known as  ‘The Feast of St. Michael’.

The Fall Equinox is very important for us today as it was also very important to our ancestors. This time of the year marks the perfect counterpoint of balance on the wheel of the year from the Spring Equinox.

For our Fall Equinox, the  Sun enters Libra and this time becomes about balance. This gives us the image of balanced scales and is manifested in our environments by the 24-hour cycle displaying Equal Day and Equal Night hours.

This energy will take us into our Harvest Full Moon on October 5th. In ancient times, as well as today, the Fall Equinox, which created longer work-days, also worked in harmony with the Full Moon, which provided the luminosity for farmers to continue their work of bringing in the harvest and preparing the fields for winter, late into the evening hours.

The Fall Equinox is a time of giving thanks for the changing of the seasons and the second harvest- the fruit harvest. Fields are nearly empty; grains have been plucked and stored for winter. Now is the time to begin to prepare for the darker colder months as we show and share our gratitude for our abundance.

This is also is the time for us to honor the Dark Mother or the Dark Goddess within. This darker aspect of the Goddess comes to us and brings death so that new life can occur in the spring. Within each of us, the Dark Goddess will do her work of harvesting the ripe fruits and grains, keeping what is meant to be kept, and clearing away all that which doesn’t serve us anymore.

Now is a great time of rebalancing. The energies of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine will work to balance within you and your life. Your inner and outer worlds will also pull you to rebalance them. This process might appear to be painful or challenging. When you experience the struggles, take a moment and look beneath them and try to see where the imbalance is. Perhaps you didn’t really need what you are being asked to let go. Or, maybe the relationship that is in strife is no longer serving you. This can apply to belief systems as well. If you are holding onto a belief system that is causing you disharmony, the Fall Equinox energies will try to help you get rid of it. Be open, if you can, and let this powerful time of the year do its work.

This is a time of rest. The Fall Equinox is a time to reflect back on all that you have sown, all that you have accomplished. Chances are, you have successfully done much more than you give yourself credit for. Often times in life, we don’t have a ripe fruit at the end of the process to mark the ‘fruits of our labors’, but your work and dedication is nonetheless worthy of praise and gratitude. Also take a look back over your hopes and aspirations of the last year and reflect on how they have manifested. Reconnect to them now and refocus your energies on how to balance these dreams with your daily life.

In addition to all of that, now is the time to compete projects. Begin the process of clearing out and letting go of that which is no longer wanted or needed. We do this so that we can as we prepare for rest. Your hibernation cave needs to be ready and waiting for you so that the months ahead can give you the much needed and deserved rest of winter. Even for those of us living in sunny places where seasonal shifts aren’t as apparent, the winter can come in and offer us a time for reflection, rest and peace.

And finally, this is the time to plant the seeds of new ideas and new hopes. Get clear on what you want and how you want to get there. This doesn’t have to happen over night. You have the entire season of fall for these infant ideas to rest in a semi-dormant state. This patient time of being allowed to just to ‘be’ gives them the energy and nourishment to grow and flourish in the Spring. Much like you.

jamie Day