“The value of my participation in Divine Mommy is obvious in all of my relationships. I am better- more patient and more sure of my empowerment- all at the same time.”
- Divine Mommy Participant

We are ALL Divine Mommys!

Divine Mommy is a support network for women that focuses on healing, connection, interdependence, acceptance, love, and raising the vibration of our relationships. Being a 'mom' is not required. All women are mothers to new things every day. Think about how amazing we are! We give life to new ideas, understandings, relationships, and so much more on a minute-by-minute basis. So often the values of the Divine Feminine- caregiving, nurturing, empathy, reconciliation, non-violence, intuition- they are not valued by our society. That stops here. Divine Mommy is a movement that values, supports, and honors this ancient wisdom for what it is worth. Being a woman is a gift and it is time to fully stand in our radiance. We are Divine. We are Goddesses. That Spark of life-creating magic rests within each of us. No matter how old you are, what you've been through, who you were, are, or plan to become, join us as we circle together and radiantly step into a new future that recognizes and gives merit to feminine wisdom, pleasure, transformation, empowerment, and intuition. Divine Mommy Groups and Events are held throughout the year. You can also work with Jamie individually, with your partner or spouse, with your family, or in your own small Goddess Circle.


Meet Jamie


Jamie Day, MS, LMFT, RDT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist, Creator of the Divine Mommy Movement, and Author of the upcoming ‘Soul-To-Sisterhood,’ book. Currently, Jamie works as a therapist in private practice with individuals, couples, and families, marrying her psychotherapy background with the potent and powerful work of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Jamie has earned a Master of Science degree in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Interdisciplinary Arts from Nova Southeastern University. In addition, she also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre Performance from Northern Kentucky University. Jamie has a diverse background of experience and has worked with survivors of human trafficking, at-risk adolescents and their families, anger management groups for teens, drama therapy groups for college students, expressive arts therapy groups for families facing chronic illness and loss, teen parents, homeless pregnant mothers, mothers in drug and alcohol recovery, families with children diagnosed with SPD and ASD, bereavement, Military Families, youth and adults living with PTSD, and survivors of sexual trauma. Jamie is also specially trained in Infant Mental Health, Trauma-Informed Care, The Circle of Security Parenting Model, and is a Parenting Educator. She brings more than 12 years of experience in working with clients as well as leading connective and supportive groups for women, families, and children. Her dedicated approach incorporates a solution-focused mindset that empowers, affirms, and invokes the strength within.

Spreading the Word


Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement

Jamie was honored to be accepted as a presenter at the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI) conference on Matricentric Feminism at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. For this presentation, Jamie marries her background in psychotraumatology with her foundational research as the Creator and Facilitator of the Divine Mommy Groups. Give a watch and discover how we will heal ourselves and each other with oxytocin, play, and interdependence.


The Suncoast View

Watch Jamie on The Suncoast View!
We are all Divine Mommys and we ALL need each other.
Click here to see Jamie in action. 


The Super Mom Village

Jamie and Lisa Chin, of The Super Mom Village, discuss the Divine Feminine, how it has been wounded, and how we can heal it together. Women have the Divine Spark of life and we also have the ability to nurture this new way of being into existence. Watch this fun and interactive conversation and even get a FREE guided meditation to help you balance the Sacred Feminine and Masculine in your life.


The Conversation with Stevii

Listen to Jamie and Stevii talk about why the Divine Feminine is so needed in our world today. Jamie's conversation with Stevii is also available on iHeart Radio.


“Loved the energy, research, and vulnerability put into every aspect of this work!”
- Divine Mommy Participant

Invite Jamie to your Event

With over twenty years of professional performing experience and a decade of running Groups, Workshops, and Events for her community, Jamie promises to be a fun, engaging, experiential, and educational guest. Contact Jamie today to talk about adding her to your roster. With so many Divine Mommy topics to choose from, your participants will feel included, connected, and uplifted. All Divine Mommy Part 1 and 2 Curriculum, Divine Mommy University Curriculum, Divine Family Workshop Curriculum, and Divine Couple Workshop Curriculum can be presented to groups both large and small and can be produced to fit anywhere within your programming. With special considerations for content and time, Jamie can craft a presentation as short or as long as you need. Check under the “OFFERINGS” and the “GROUPS,” tabs to learn more.

“I liked knowing that I had a standing (play)date with myself every week.”
- Divine Mommy Participant